Maison Les Créatifs, welcome home!

If you've known us for a while, we've changed the name of the House. Boîte Cocotte has been replaced by Maison Les Créatifs. A new box has joined the adventure in addition to our Boîte Cocotte, the Boîte Macaron. We therefore needed a friendly roof in our image to house them.

Maison Les Créatifs is a family business, headed by Frederic Itey, Inventor, and Arthur Itey, Web Developer and Graphic Designer. For these beautification works, they surrounded themselves with a team that resembles them: inventive and insightful.

We now offer food or non-food packaging , accessible to professionals and now also to individuals. Offers in small quantities have been added as well as designs to modulate to meet your requests.

Our boxes are clever and punctuate the discovery of your content, a guaranteed "Wow" effect ! They are practical and simple to assemble in addition to that. We are accompanied by professional partners for manufacturing and printing. We have chosen to partner with a French workshop, strong in know-how and experience.

Minimizing the ecological impact of these pretty boxes was at the heart of this project. We have selected paper made from recycled fibers and sustainable forests , vegetable-based inks, a respectful workshop optimizing processes that respect the environment. All this with the aim of designing the perfect and recyclable packaging! To learn more about our values ​​click here.

We want to be part of your success, to support you in asserting your brand and your events.

See you soon,
Maison Les Créatifs

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