Maison Les Créatifs teams' responds in detail to all your frequently asked questions . Of the quality of our paper and printing , through our production and delivery times or details of the assembly or the capacity of our clever boxes, your answer is surely here.


Maison Les Créatifs is a French family business. Headed by Frederic Itey, designer and inventor, and his son, Arthur Itey, computer programming expert and professional graphic designer. They use the best of their skills to offer you these ingenious and aesthetic boxes. Frederic Itey creates clever boxes and Arthur Itey takes care of takes care of sublimating them.

They have been able to develop an efficient production network in France, all the boxes are manufactured and printed in the north of the country.

The Boîte Cocotte is an ingenious box created by Frédéric Itey. This conical packaging is the result of a patented project. It is an original and differentiating packaging while being practical and aesthetic. Its assembly is done in a few 3 seconds. It is made from paper made from recycled fibers from sustainable forests.

All our products are made and printed in France. This box is available in several sizes. It is possible to fully customize it if you wish, using our pre-customized templates or our pre-designed designs. Discover the Boîte Cocotte.

No, we do not have resellers. Our boxes are registered models . They are patented and their specificities belong to us. All our products are therefore only available through Maison Les Créatifs.


As soon as your order is placed online or by e-mail , we send your request to our partner the next working day (unless there is a setback due to a graphic error on your part). From that moment, our workshop requires a period of 8 to 12 days for the manufacture and printing of your packaging. This period can be slightly extended in the event of a request for graphics that we should create, in this case, we launch production as soon as you validate it. If you order one of our Featured Designs and we have the desired quantity in stock , your order will ship within 24-48 business hours . In the event that the quantity is not in stock, you are informed directly on the product page, a period of 8 to 12 days will also be applied. For additional information or any special request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our partner Chronopost delivers your parcels in France within 48 working hours and in Europe within 5 working days. This time is guaranteed by our carrier, it may vary slightly beyond our control. Our carrier Chronopost is doing its best to ensure fast and, of course, secure delivery. Delivery is made directly to the address of your choice. If you want to use your own carrier, you can tell us directly when placing your order.

Our boxes are 100% made in France. French know-how is in the spotlight at Maison Les Créatifs. Our manufacturing and printing partner workshop is located in the north of France.


We have chosen to design ecological packaging. The paper we have selected is Ensocoat™️. It is a material based on recycled fibers from sustainably managed forests, the manufacturing is powered by bio-energies. Our paper is treated without chlorine and our inks are vegetable. Our partner workshop is Imprim Vert certified. This means that it meets the following specifications:

  • the proper disposal of toxic waste if there is (rags, inks, solvents, etc.)
  • securing the storage of liquids to avoid possible pollution in the ground or in the air
  • non-use of toxic products for employees
  • monitoring and controlling energy consumption
  • and environmental awareness of its stakeholders

Our finishing acrylic varnish is biodegradable, which allows our boxes to be totally RECYCLABLE .

Our partner also respects RSE. Corporate social responsibility is defined by the European Commission as the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns into their business activities and relationships. Concretely, RSE is the contribution of companies to the challenges of sustainable development.

In line with our commitment to ecological paper and a manufacturing process developed with the utmost respect for sustainable development, we have chosen to work with vegetable-based inks.

These inks are obtained by mixing organic compounds derived from plants, such as oils and resins of natural origin, which do not contain hydrocarbons in their solvents. Our inks are therefore harmless. Our acrylic varnishes are biodegradable.

Absolutely, our boxes are perfect for transporting and enhancing pastries, for example. In fact, pastry chefs were our first partners when Boîte Cocotte was launched. Our paper is chlorine-free, our inks are vegetable-based and our varnishes are acrylic.


The assembly of our boxes is quick and very simple. About 3 seconds for the Boîte Cocotte. After 2 or 3 tries you will be an expert! They have been designed by Frederic Itey with the possibility of quick assembly in order to optimize the work of professionals. To learn how to assemble our boxes easily, you can consult our video assembly guide. Do you need help getting started? Do not hesitate to contact us for a video call.

Yes, all of our boxes are fully customizable. You can personalize your box directly on our site or call on our professional graphic designer in-house. You also have access to templates that you can adapt to your image by changing colors, fonts and inserting your logo.

Maison Les Créatifs offers an in-house graphic design service. Arthur Itey, son of the designer of our flagship boxes, is a professional graphic designer.

He analyzes your requests and responds optimally to your company's needs, combining your graphic specificities with the strengths of our innovative boxes to make them an effective and relevant tool for differentiation. Marketing and practicality go hand in hand with clarity and simplicity.

We offer a range of box shapes and sizes to suit your products, on request.

Some of them can even be made to your desired dimensions.

A candle will be perfect in the Boîte Cocotte, as will a perfume.

For tall pastries, we also recommend the Boîte Cocotte, as well as the Boîte Macarons and the Plop, not yet on sale on our site.

Everything else is possible! Don't hesitate to contact us for a personalized consultation.

We stock products that are part of our Designs Signatures. These models are made by us and are available from 300 pieces. If the quantity you wish to order is not in stock, please allow 8 to 12 days for production.

Yes, this is possible . We will of course have to analyze and discuss your request. If this is possible from a technical point of view, we will make every effort to best meet your expectations.

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Absolutely, our website allows you to place your order directly online, regardless of the type of product. Your payment is completely secure thanks to our partner payment modules. If you encounter any difficulties in the ordering process, contact us.

Of course, if it suits you better it is possible. You can contact us directly via this form to place your order. Your payment will be made online via our secure payment system.

To create an account, simply click on the top right on My Account or on the little man (depending on the display on your screen), then click on Create my account and complete the form presented. You will receive by email a confirmation of creation, thereafter, to connect and have access to your possible current or past orders, you will only have to enter your email address and your password.

When placing your order online, you will receive an Order Confirmation email, which summarizes the quantity, type of boxes and print quality of your packaging, it also contains your invoice in PDF format.

If your customization, if any, is validated by us, your order is launched in print the next working day. When your production is finished and your packages are ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation directly by email. This contains your tracking number and a link allowing you to follow the progress of your package .

We are of course at your disposal for any request for assistance, you can contact us here.

This is not a problem, you can very easily reset your password directly on our site. Go to the My Account section or the little man (depending on the display on your screen), at the top right (see previous questions if necessary) and click on Forgot your password? Then enter the email address affiliated with your customer account to receive a reset link by email. Click on this link and choose your new password.


We sell to professionals. Whatever your sector of activity, we are able to provide you with the packaging that will allow you to optimize your sales process, your customer experience and your brand image.

We offer decreasing prices according to the quantities needed and a fast delivery service. We know your concerns and constraints, deadlines are of major importance and we commit ourselves as well as our partners to respect them as well as possible.

Yes, recently we have also been selling to individuals. You can order our Signature Designs from 300 pieces per model and per color.

If you want to customize our boxes for a quantity of less than 1000 pieces, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make you a suitable proposal.

Yes, our boxes are available for sale from 300 pieces. Our Signature Designs can be ordered from 300. Our adaptable and made-to-measure packaging can be personalized online from 1000 pieces.

If you wish to customize our boxes for a quantity of less than 1000 pieces, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make you a detailed proposal.


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Our premium packaging is designed by an experienced inventor and is trademarked. They are innovative, optimized for professional use and aesthetic.


All our products are made in France, in our partner workshop located in the north of the country, from cutting to printing. French know-how is in the spotlight.


We offer delivery in mainland France to the address of your choice. Delivery within 24 to 48 hours with our partner Chronopost.


Our packaging is made from paper made from recycled fibers, using bio-energy. They are recyclable, chlorine-free and printed with vegetable ink.