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Born in 2017, the Boîte Cocotte is the little sister of many wonders, you may know one of the most famous of them, the Tulip Box ? Surprising and clever, these packaging are the brainchild of inventor and designer Frederic Itey .

On the way to elegant, innovative, practical and clever packaging, from patent to patent , Frederic Itey naturally specializes in the pastry sector. Accompanied by his son, Arthur Itey , expert in computer programming and graphic designer, they honor French know-how. Arthur knows, according to your needs and your objectives, to offer you an innovative and unique design . The son grows up in the sandstone of his father's creations, and, tames each specificity in order to optimize their qualities.

The Boîte Cocotte is easy to fold, practical to transport and ideal for perfecting a beautiful table at dessert or tea time. Its opening accelerated by the weight of the product it contains makes it an object with magical accents. It sublimates her content with chic.

From its very first months, it seduced pastry chefs, chocolatiers and confectioners. As the years went by, the pretty boxes multiplied and now accompany many other products. They perfectly house perfumes, candles, jewelry, decorative objects and much more.

Since then, a new box has joined the range, to our delight and yours too! Just as innovative as its predecessor, the Boîte Macarons opens subtly with just two fingers. It's a marvel of design and originality. It overturns traditional codes with class, and showcases the beauty of high-end pastry in a matter of seconds. It will be online very soon, please contact us for more info.

They're great, but what about their quality? All our boxes are made from Ensocoat™️ paper. This is a paper that perfectly combines high quality with an eco-responsible manufacturing process. The fibers used come from sustainably managed forests, and the process is powered solely by bio-energy. These high-quality papers are then sent to our French manufacturing and printing facilities.

Our partners' know-how is limitless: their technical skills are mastered and their efficient professionalism is beyond reproach. Digital four-colour printing, hot foil stamping or selective varnish - everything is possible and, most importantly, finished.

Together, we have selected the highest quality vegetable-based inks, ideal for food use, among other applications.

Thanks to its major allies, Maison Les Créatifs brings out the best in your favorite products.

Solid, ecological and aesthetic boxes.

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Whether you're a company in any sector, or a private individual looking for the object that will make your event memorable, we've got THE box for you. Why not order your free sample or contact us?

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