Ecology & packaging, yes it is possible!

At Maison Les Créatifs, we love challenge! Admittedly, we sell disposable packaging, but the reflection does not stop here. We decided to look for ways to minimize the environmental impact of these.

Ecology is at the heart of our speeches, of our daily life, so we have put in place several things within our production line to be able to be as close as possible to our ideals. Locating our production in France was obvious to us, whether for the know-how or the minimization of the carbon footprint of our packaging.

We have chosen a paper made partly from recycled fibers and the rest from fibers from sustainably managed forests. The work around collecting the materials and making this paper is powered entirely by bio-energy. It is an ecological paper and on top of that of an incredible quality! Despite its cost, we also chose it for its sturdiness. It even allows you to use your boxes several times. We wanted our product not to be limited to single use if the end consumer so wished.

Among our decisions, that of using vegetable inks, made thanks to a combination of organic compounds and without hydrocarbons in their solvents. To perfect this, we have established a relationship of trust with an Imprim'vert certified partner workshop. This consists of monitoring and respecting rigorous specifications in terms of materials, waste and energy consumption (to find out more click here ).

Finally, in order to make our boxes a recyclable product, we work our finishes with an acrylic varnish; it is slightly shiny and is biodegradable!

It was a big challenge but we succeeded in part of it and we are so proud of it. New challenges arise every day, followed by questions and soon results!

See you soon,
Maison Les Créatifs

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