Here are our boxes, enchanted!

Maison Les Créatifs offers you 2 clever boxes - For now!

As for the Boîte Cocotte, its shape makes it original. This pretty conical box is ideal for containing many things: one or two individual pastries, jewelry in a case, a small decorative object such as a candle for example and many others! The weight of its content gives an acceleration to its opening, a real Wow effect that will mark the spirit of whoever has it in hand.

And, the newest member of the family, the Boîte Macarons ! Functional and design, this box is delivered to you already assembled . It has a support to hold and secure your pretty macaroons. Like all our boxes, it opens with rhythm to enhance your pretty cakes. It can even be sealed for optimal preservation.

Our boxes are original and ingenious , they overturn the codes of traditional packaging and know how to give real added value to your products and your image!

See you soon,
Maison Les Créatifs

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